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Dr. Annie Rohr

Licensed Clinical Psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist

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A Promise

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About The Book

Celebrating moms who may be on a different journey from “everyone else,” this book is for the new mom-or any mom-who needs support. A Promise is here to remind us that no matter what phase we are in as a mom, we are going to get through it and be okay.

About Dr. Annie

Written and illustrated by Dr. Annie Rohr, a psychologist, and “not-so-perfect” mama, A Promise is not a perfect book with perfect pictures. Instead, it is a reminder that each mother’s journey is unique. We cannot compare ourselves to each other. Most of all, it is a reassurance that motherhood doesn’t have to be perfect to be be beautiful. 

For Mama:
You are not alone. Many women have similar feelings. For most of us, we do not know what we are doing and we don't feel like we thought we would. Deep breath. Mama, you will be okay and you'll get through this.