I'm Dr. Annie Rohr

Dr. Annie Rohr is a licensed Clinical Psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist. She was born and raised in Honolulu and loves little adventures with her husband and sweet little girl. Professionally, she has worked with individuals, families, couples, and children on issues such as marital difficulties, anxiety and depression, communication struggles, emotional struggles, trauma, substance abuse, parent-child therapy, pre-marital therapy, divorce therapy, pre- parenting therapy, grief and loss. She also has additional training in perinatal mental health. She strives to support and assist her clients to discover their strengths and move towards their desired change.

Annie works with clients collaboratively, helping them find wellness and healing. She has written 2 books, “A promise, a vow of love to baby and a promise of hope to mom,” and “Finding the warm and fuzzies.” She spends her time trying to create ways or build programs to help people feel a sense of purpose and happiness.